Founded in 1974

Northwest Missouri Industries, Inc. was started by a group of concerned citizens in 1974. The board of directors at that time included Gary Cooper, Diana Larson, Ross Herron, Martha Gould and Carl Martin. The original name was Northwest Missouri Achievement Workshop or “Nowemo”. The workshop opened its doors in 1975 at a location provided by Mr. And Mrs. Ross Herron at 3rd and Park St. in Tarkio. Walt Kerbis was the manager.

In 1977 the workshop moved to Rock Port, MO, into what had been the American Legion Building. Marge Postlewait was named manager in 1982.

John Scott took over as manager in 1986. The workshop was awarded a contract with the MO Dept. of Transportation in 1987 to clean and maintain the I-29 rest areas at Mound City and Rock Port. 1987 also saw Nowemo change it’s legal name to Northwest Missouri Industries, Inc. In 1993 the first greenhouse was built to provide more jobs for the employees. In the next 12 years an additional 5 greenhouses were erected. In addition to the greenhouses; two workshop additions, a warehouse, storage units, and property were added in that time period.

Mary McAdams, who had been employed by they workshop since 1986, took over as manager when John Scott retired in 2008. Since then the workshop has seen it’s contracts with MoDOT, USPS, and DFS renewed. The workshop has been remodeled and new ventures such as packaging squirrel corn have been initiated. Glennette Christian became the general manager when Mary McAdams retired on November 17, 2018. Glennette Christian managed the facility for a couple of years.  Cindy Sons became manager on February 17, 2021.  Lisa Cooper is the Assistant Manager.  Lisa has been with the program for 14 years.  They are assisted by 11 full and part time staff members. The workshop provides transportation for up to 21 employees from Atchison and Holt counties.